THE NIME PROJECT 2007 - 2012

Performance with reflection:

Composed movements, open forms, prepared improvisations and open improvisation for orchestra and NIME instruments.

Workshop and concerts in a collaboration between Tromsø Symphony orchestra, Kjell Tore Innervik (NIME), Ivar Frounberg (NIME/The Interactive Computer) and Peter Tornquist (Improvisation – Interaction – Composition) march 12.-20. 2009.

Pre-concert: Atriet, Oslo march 10th. 2009 duration approx. 45’
Concert: Tromsø march 19th. 2009 duration 60’
Concert: Vinterfestuka, Narvik march 20th. 2009 duration 60’

Concert performance:

kjell tore innervik 2013