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Recording of Rolf Wallin's TWINE with Håkon Stene in Jar kirke, November 2nd

5.1 recording by Morten Lindberg and students from NISS. To be availible December 2013.

From Mortens Facebook page:

NISS now offer a bachelor's degree including the subject of Recording Music in Surround Sound. Students from NMH (Norges musikkhøgskole - Norwegian Academy of Music) and NISS (Nordic Institute of Stage and
Studio) work together in acoustic venue recording, editing and mastering.
The final product will be released as a commercial album in both stereo and surround sound. Recording sessions group #2: Kjell Tore Innervik (xylophone), Håkon Stene (marimba), Kari-Helene Blystad (engineer) and Felix Sipos (engineer). Morten Lindberg (course director) / Beatrice Johannessen (teaching assistant) — with Håkon Stene and Kjell Tore Innervik at Jar kirke.




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