Kjell Tore Innervik, activities


Leshowitz Recital Hall, The Cali School Of Music, MSU, NJ


At “A Migrant in the New – a Norwegian/American Musical Exchange", concertgoers will see and hear the one-of-a-kind microtonal percussion instruments owned by Kjell Tore Innervik of Norway. These visually stunning marimbas and vibraphones, in the U.S. for the first time, have inspired composers from two continents. With colleague Daniel Paulsen, Innervik will present music by Peter Tornquist, Øyvind Torvund and Ivar Froundberg (Norway), Charles Corey, Morton Feldman and Devon Yasamune Toyotomi (United States).

This concert is a collaboration between the Global Education Center at Montclair State University, and the Norwegian Academy of Music.

The Jed Leshowitz Recital Carnegie HallJohn J. Cali School of Music
Montclair State University
1 Normal Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07043


Peter Tornquist: Q/Carving

Morton Feldman: The King of Denmark

Ivar Frounberg: Sand Patterns (WP)

Øyvind Torvund: The Stacks


Devon Yasamune Osamu Toyotomi: Pleiades is a pinball machine (WP)

Chuck Corey: Gemini Shifts (WP)

Devon Yasamune Osamu Toyotomi: Chaos Theory (USA P)



Photos by Rodney Leinberger

Kjell Tore Innervik performing Peter Torenquist: Q/Carving

Kjell Tore Innervik performing Ivar Frounberg: Sand Patterns

Daniel Paulsen and Kjell Tore Innervik performing Pleiades is a pinball machine by Devon Tipp
quarterone marimba + quartertone vibraphone

Daniel Paulsen and Kjell Tore Innervik performing Geminishift by Chuck Corey
Vibraphone + quartertone tuned vibraphone

Daniel Paulsen and Kjell Tore Innervik performing Chaos Theory by Devon Tipp
quarterone marimba 5oct + marimba 5 oct

Gemini Shifts:
Sand Patterns
The Stacks

kjell tore innervik 2014