Kjell Tore Innervik, activities


Presentation of the Radical Interpretations of Iconic Musical Works

Wednesday October 26. 14.00 - 15.30

Presenters: Kjell Tore Innervik,
associate professor (NMH), Ivar Frounberg,
professor (NMH), Maziar Raein,
associate professor (KHiO) and Ståle
Stenslien, professor (The Oslo School
of Architecture and Design)

Opponent: Darla Crispin, associate
professor (NMH)

The intention of the project is to create
’radical’ interpretations of three iconic
percussion works. ’Iconic work’ – meaning
musical works, which had an impact
on the repertoire when they were premiered
and since kept their status as
part of the core repertoire. The first work
chosen is Morton Feldman: The King of
Denmark from 1964. The approach to
the project itself included work on mapping
the participants’ different qualifications:
Kjell Tore Innervik as performing
artist on percussion, Ivar Frounberg as
composer, Maziar Raein as a conceptual
designer, and Ståle Stenslien as an artist
in experience design.
The approaches to The King of Denmark
started out in five basic – and overlapping
– strands: (1) reading of the score,
(2) choosing instruments, (3) creating
a framework for the interpretation, (4)
reflection upon interconnectivity of these
and finally (5) creating a number of possible
interpretations. Even though the
first two strands contains fairly technical/
analytical work (how to create the difference
between a seven-note chord and
a cluster?) at least the choice of instruments
connects heavily to the interpretational
framework (what stories are the
instruments telling by themselves?). Due
to the nature of the piece (as soft as possible!)
we also quickly were forced to approach
the performance situation for the
piece (investigations on proximity issues).
The notion of “radicality” thus came
closer to the etymological meaning – to
the roots – rather than fancy mediated
interpretations. A row of such mediated
interpretations was one by one abandoned
– of different reasons – but in
Time: Wednesday 22.10, 1400-1530
Place: Musikkonservatoriet, Large
Ensemble Room
all, because it was difficult to justify the
question: Why this radicality?, when – at
the same time – we had to acknowledge
the ephemerical nature of the notion of
“work”. What constitutes the central core
of the musical piece The King of Denmark?,
must be answered before we can
speak about any kind of “interpretation”.
We thus focused on creating a space –
through the various perspectives offered
by our trans-disciplinary team – for experiencing
the performance of The King
of Denmark (ref. Rancière), rather than
understanding any premeditated knowledge
of the epistemological complexity of
the work (ref. Rheinberger).
The presentation will cast glimpses into
the five strands mentioned above, and
will be supplemented with a performance
and an installation of The King of Denmark.
All the four main researchers will
be present in Tromsø.

kjell tore innervik 2014