Kjell Tore Innervik, activities


The recording of Simon Steen-Andersen: AMID (2004) (7 performers) with Oslo Sinfonietta, February 16, 2014.

The Instrument: Gravity Guiro, short video sample

Right hand: Guiro. Drag towards you to be ready, drop to make sound, follow % instructions from 0 - 100 (100% closest to you)

Left hand: Sandpaper board. Drag towards you to be ready, push to make sound.

A "breathing" sound. Out and in. Be aware of the different duratas.


Slide, weight, table, "sound rim", electrical tube.


An electric tube connected to a a weight of aprox 2kg with string. The weight is "prepared/covered" with a piece of paper to produce a small friction sound. The rim on the table have to be "sharp" to produce a hi frec sound in contact with the tube when you release the tention.


Left hand, Sandpaper board. Right hand, Gravity guiro.


The sandpaper board is played with with a block of "60" sandpaper with paper in the front for the return mouvement sound. (the fabric are there to protect the hands...)


Return mouvement.


Sound producing forward mouvement.


Score availible from Edtion S

Recording are to be released Autumn 2014.

kjell tore innervik 2014