Kjell Tore Innervik, research


The cd/dvd project 2008 - 2010

A studio production approach using the compositions freely, altering the compositions and making a personal soundscape.
Radical approach to the musical material. Finding the sound of the performer.

Audio technician / creative producer Mats Claesson.

So far we have recorded:
David Bratlie, Microwaes
Ivar Frounberg, Waves and velocities of dawn and dusk
Peter Tornquist, Q/Carving
Ragnhild Berstad, Respicio
Henrik Hellstenius, Personality and Essence
Øyvind Torvund: The Stack of music

Improvisations by Kjell Tore Innervik
Sampling of custum instruments by Kjell Tore Innervik

Rerecording on video in January:
Erik Daehlin, Head On
James Wood, Elanga N¨Kake singing to his craft
Rolf Wallin: Scratch

10 days of recording June2008
20 session mixing audio in november, December 2008
10 days of mixing January 2009
5days of recording January 2009
10 days of mixing may 2009
6 weeks of mixing planed autumn 2009

In adition mats has worked a lot by him self

Still to come:
intermissions by Kjell Tore, additional recordings, lots of cuts and creative work in post production.
Mats Claesson plays Kjell Tore Innervik, a live project using the samples in Ableton Live.


blog of the process

Video recording January 13, 14, 15. HDPro video recording with 96/24 sound. Great! It can become a Bluray DVD in the autumn.
In addition to video of Wallin, Daehlin and Wood Lavasir Nordrum shot still pictures in series to mix with a fragmented version of Daehlin. We used UV light and a dark room to get nice images. the sticks were reflection and we used a lot of time to get it right and look great. Wallin we staged in the audience , me in different positions in the great hall. Rough lightning as a way of staging in addition. Wood with several camera angels to be able to mix in. Different light in different sections in addition to still images, and maybe flashes of the score in between. A real stressfully three days. But funny to do. Looking forward to mix this with Mats.

Recording sessions in June 2008 in Lindemansalen at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

9 days of hard work from morning to evening. After a two week intense rehearsing period we finally started this project.with Innervik and Claesson. Two session in May to test the audio equipment made it possible to start after only 3 hoers.
Mats is recording in the studio and he also does the clip list. He is the producer and audio technician and my ear of how it sounds and the dialog is going well about when a take is ok. We do short sections of the complex pieces and have a lot of editing to do afterwards. Really learn full to listen to myself playing, I alter the playing fast to adjust to the actual sound/product contra the feeling I have in the room.

In the end of the week we made rough mix of all the recordings. After that we went on summer vacation, and I needed that.

Fredag 20 juni 15 -22
      -   15.00 Ivar (medhør)

Lørdag 21.juni 10 – 22
-        10.00 David
- 16.00 Peter T

Søndag 22 juni 11 – 22
-      10.00 Ragnhild
Mandag 23 juni 8 – 22
         - 10.00 Fongaard
-14.00 Morten
Tirsdag 24 juni 8 – 22
     -   10.00 Henrik H

-      16.00 Torvund (ekstra filmimg).
Onsdag 25 juni 8- 22
          -12.00 Wood
Torsdag 26 juni 8 22

          - Videoting          - Head on
Fredag 27 juni 8 – 18 (22)?

Mixing October

Mixing December

Mats in mixing alone.To do something with the pieces, I feel left out and it is difficult to contribute and

Mixing January 2009

Signals/signature: Fuzz, hart beat, voice/breath,

Clean cuts, variation, unexpected cuts and change of atmosphere.

We have been mixing for some days and it is going well. Some new toughs have come up. Involvement of me and the need of overdubs, additional recordings made has made it important to be able to work with the material by myself. We set up microphones in my studio, and I can now record ideas and try them out with out going to the studio and use the time of Mats.He has a role as an co artist, inspiration and supporting friend.

August: Mats mixing audio samples into the pieces to make a sound flavor of Kjell Tore Innervik

April / May 2009: Recording of glass instruments and wood instruments, bottle. Improvisations and samples

Oslo January 2009, Mixing of pieces with a free approach

kjell tore innervik 2009