Kjell Tore Innervik, concerts


October 29 and October 31

Recording of Norwegian flute tunes from the 18 century and "Tromme Slåtter" from the end of the 19 century.

A part of Hans Olav Gorsets Ph.D in Norwegian manuscrips from the 19 century.


A project on

"Bragernes march"

From xxxx

A place near Drammen. Referd to as a place where drums were common from at least 1695 acording to Mr Aksal book "med piber og basuner, skalmeye og fiol" from 1982.

Kjell Tore ses the Trondhjem march as inspiration to make a march

"Christian IV march"

from xxx

Christian IV ordered every company in 1628 to have a drummer. Manuscrips from the 1920 Denmark also have drumparts to this march

Dance music like



"Tronhjem march"

Played with stick patterns from modern march drumming in the nordic countries.

Played with inspiration from Bruce and Emmet USA 1861


Norsk revelje

Dur og moll

Brullups slaat fra Haalandsdalen



Reksolinks etter S. Klette

Brullupsslått fra Os og Fusa




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