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The old military drum from the 19 century.

Probably used in "Drangedal", western Telemark, Norway

Norwegian drum

The drum was bought in an auction in Skien in 2002. The owner was living in a farm i Drangedal in Telemark, Norway. No more history was not possible to get.

It was restored in 2003 by Ingvald and Kjell Tore Innervik. New hoops, "ears" and dear skin from the western part of Norway shot by Dr Stene from Fredrikstad made the drum sound again. The string is the original hors tail.

The drum is probably British. I sough a similar drum in Büchler trommelbau in Basel, and they had bought it from a museum witch operated with a dating from around 1780. I similar drum is also at the Castle of London.

More info from Warren Simpson are soon to come about old military drums



These three really heavy sticks came with the drum.




The string is the original hors tail.






In the collaboration with Hans Olav Gorset he uses the Copperman flute, and I the Cooperman 21P Connecticut drummer.



More pictures of the drum: Inside

As you can see it has been prepared several times

inside the drum

Metal nails and carved hole for the snare


inside 2

Original rim

original rim


Rim used inside the skin

rim original

Wooden Nails


Other vintage drums

Wooden drum, bought from America.

drum 2

Brass drum, bought in England.

vintage drum 3

Wooden drum, bought from America.

vintage drum 4


A hollow three from Narvik, Norway made by my father Ingvald Innervik with pig skin.


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